Refuse wheelie bins are used to help cut down the amount of litter in the community and make collections easier and more efficient. These can be used for anything that’s non-recyclable, such as household and garden waste. 

It is important to note than our refuse wheelie bins are for household refuse only, electrical items, clothes and DIY waste should not be put in the refuse bins. Such waste should be taken to local recycling centres across the city.

Where to Put Wheelie Bins

Refuse wheelie bins are best placed on or by your pavement, right at the front edge of your house or property. Clients are advised to pop the bin out by 6.45am on collection day, or the night before – if preferred, for efficient pick-up by our team.

Why We Provide Wheelie Bins
We provide refuse wheelie bins to help you:
  • Manage and store your refuse properly for collection,
  • Easily move your refuse between collections, and;
  • Make collections easier, since you can simply leave the bin outside your door for us to collect. 

You also get to help keep the city streets clean and make the pavement accessible and free from obstructions. Collections are also made quicker, easier and safer.

Available Sizes and Styles
Available sizes include 140 litre and 240 litre. However, items such as concrete, dirt, turf, car batteries and hot ashes should not be put in these bins.
  • 140L holds approximately 2-3 large rubbish bags
  • 240L holds approximately 4-5 large rubbish bags
  • 660L holds approximately 2 ¾ 240L wheelibins
Collections of our refuse wheelie bins can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or causally, depending on your preference. 

Casual Collections
Casual collections are with the view that you would have a minimum of 8 – 10 collections per year.


What days do we collect Refuse Bins in your area?

Download the Refuse Collection Calendar to find out the collection day in your area.