What can go in my greenwaste bin?

Fruit and vegetable peelings and all garden plant waste except - flax, toi toi and cabbage tree leaves. No food scraps, soil, paper, plastic, cans, turf, concrete, rock or stones.


What time do I need to have my bin out on the kerbside? 

Out at 6.45am on collection day or if you prefer to pop it out the night before.


How much does a bin cost?

This depend on the size and service you are wanting. We have three bin sizes and have collections options to suit your needs. See our pricing page for a full breakdown of pricing. 


When and how do I pay for my bin?

We have various payment options to suit your budget. Talk the team about the right solution for you. 


What size bin is right for me?

  • 140L holds approximately in equivalent of 2-3 large rubbish bags
  • 240L holds approximately in equivalent of 4-5 large rubbish bags


How high can I fill a bin?

Your bin lid must be closed for collection to occur.
Please don't jump in your wheelie bin to make room, as there has been a number of bins split from doing this, and it also makes the contents harder to come out, causing half emptied bins. The drivers can only bang the bins so many times as they will crack.


How much notice do I need to give for booking a bin?

You just need to call the day before your collection day to ensure you are on the collection list.


How do I book a bin?

You can contact us through the website, call us on 06 877 7297 or email us at


What day do I get the bin emptied?

This depends on your location, we will advise you of collections days when you contact us. Collections can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or casually, depending on your preference.


What if I move house?

You just need to advise us of your updated address and as long as you are still in a serviced area you can continue with the service as normal.



Please consider and choose which account term suits your requirements.  If cancelling prior to the renewal date of your account we don’t refund any unused portion of the account term. Our minimum term to have a wheelibin is 3 months.  We offer monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and annual account terms. You can move your bin to another collection address or transfer any account credit to another Bay Environmental Bins customer.