Wheelie Bins for Greenwaste
Greenwaste wheelie bins are designed purely for garden waste, lawn clippings and other similar items. Manage your greenwaste with the help of our green wheelie bins that make disposal and collection of your garden waste easy.

Green cuttings, vegetable peelings and other types of greenwaste can be accommodated by our wheelie bins. Other than using these green items for your small backyard garden or your compost, you can instead let us collect it for you.

Where to Put Wheelie Bins

Greenwaste wheelie bins are ideally positioned on or by a house or a property’s pavement, right at the front edge. Clients are advised to pop the bin out by 6.45am on collection day, or the night before – if preferred, for efficient pick-up by our team.

Why We Provide Wheelie Bins
We provide you with Greenwaste wheelie bins that help you by

  • Efficiently managing and disposing your Greenwaste,
  • Easily moving and wheeling along the bin, without having the need to lift plastic or garbage bags, and;
  • Making collections easier for you and for us.

Using wheelie bins also allows you to contribute to keeping the community clean and the environment green. These have less impact on the environment compared to garbage bags, making it the more environmentally sound solution to waste disposal.

Available sizes and styles
Our Greenwaste wheelie bins come in sizes of 140 litres and 240 litres. These bins are differentiated from our other bins by their bright green colour lid and GreenWaste only sticker on the front.

  • 120L holds approximately in equivalent of 2 large rubbish bags and is the same size as the Council refuse bin
  • 140L holds approximately in equivalent of 2-3 large rubbish bags
  • 240L holds approximately in equivalent of 4-5 large rubbish bags

Collections can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or casually, depending on your preference.

Casual Collections

Casual collections are with the view that you would have a minimum of 8 – 10 collections per year.

What days do we collect Greenwaste Bins in your area?

Download the Greenwaste Collection Calendar to find out the collection day in your area.