Welcome To Bay Bin Wash! 

We’re your leading local wheelie bin cleaning solution in Hawke’s Bay for your smelly, unhygienic bins. We are proud to deliver industry leading standards in cleanliness and customer satisfaction. All you have to do is sit back, relax and let Bay Bin Wash do the dirty work for you.  

About Us

Bay Bin Wash is run by your local greenwaste collection specialists, Bay Environmental Bins. We’ve been servicing Hawke’s Bay since 1999 and have been constantly fielding queries on how to effectively clean refuse and greenwaste bins. The great news is you don’t need to be a Bay Environmental Bins customer, we service all companies wheelie bins. 

Why Have Your Bin Cleaned?

Good Question! It is important to consider the health hazard that the average waste bin can become. Did you know that your wheelie bin is one of the most unhygienic items you have even if you wash it out with a hose.

  • Did you know that hundreds of nasty and harmful bacteria live inside and on top of your wheelie bins?  
  • Your bin can have a foul odour from toxic food and other residues stuck in the bottom.
  • Stop disease ridden flies and rodents hanging around your wheelie bin. Rid yourself of those ugly maggots.

Do you want to climb into your bin to clean the bottom yourself?  Bay Bin Wash is here to help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe by cleaning and sanitising your bins in a 100% eco-friendly way.

We Come To You

Our uniquely designed Bay Bin Wash mobile self-contained cleaning truck arrives at your home or place of business, cleans your bin/s, and leaves with no mess left behind and only the freshest bins left for you to use.

Our water recycling technology allows us to take away all wash water used and leaving none to the environment - and that’s the beauty of our system.

Our Cleaning Process

We arrive with our Bay Bin Wash mobile self-contained cleaning truck, the day after your designated refuse or greenwaste collection day.

Our System has been specifically designed for the express purpose of cleaning and sanitising waste disposal bins, on site, without damage or harm to the environment. Our Bay Bin Wash cleaning system offers significant benefits compared to other services available.

With regular cleaning with Bay Bin Wash, all your bin problems will be eliminated leaving a clean fresh smelling bin for your own piece of mind.



The rate for a residential bin wash, whether it is a 120L, 140L or 240L is $20.00 including GST per wash. If your bin is not kerb side on your bin wash day, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $10.00. Commercial rates differ, please get in touch with the team.

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