Recycling Changes In Napier From 1 November 2019

Over the next few weeks, 25,000 sets of recycling crates will be delivered to Napier properties in preparation for changes to the city’s recycling regime from 1 November.

It will take several weeks to deliver all the Napier City Council provided crates – three for each property paying for the service - before the new kerbside recycling contractor, Smart Environmental, takes over from the current contractor.

From 1 November kerbside recycling will be collected weekly, rather than fortnightly.

Paper and cardboard can be mixed together, glass bottles and jars must be kept separate, and the third crate is for plastic (Grades 1 and 2) and cans.

“The new service and its more frequent collection provides more opportunities to divert waste from landfill. Your efforts to sort your recycling, plus the new service means that the quality of the recyclables being collected from Napier are the best we can hope to get,” says Cameron Burton, Manager Environmental Solutions.

Recent consultations relating to waste management and minimisation showed us that most of the community valued dearly the kerbside recycling service, and the majority wanted to see a three crate solution which we have worked hard to bring to the city.

He encourages everyone to find other uses for their existing recycling containers, such as storing gardening equipment, beach gear or muddy stuff. If another use cannot be found for the existing containers, they can be taken to the Redclyffe Transfer Station on Springfield Road. For about three weeks, from 26 October, they can be dropped off for free at the Transfer Station, and a solution to recycle them into other plastic items will be sought. The annual Recycling Day at Anderson Park on Saturday 2 November is a further option for people to drop off unwanted containers.

Key things to remember:

  • Recycling will only be collected if it is in a Council provided crate
  • Recycling will not be collected if it is mixed together
  • Only fill crates so they are below or level with the top
  • Please remove food or liquids. plastic wrap or sleeves - rinse if required.
  • If crates aren’t full, you don’t have to put them out
  • It is OK to put out more than one crate of one type of recycling
  • Moving? Leave the crates – they belong to NCC and each has a unique code which is allocated to that property.
  • Two trucks will be used, one for paper and cardboard, and one for the rest. Don’t worry if the first truck you see doesn’t pick up all the recycling.

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