Kerbside Rubbish Changes - Hastings District

As part of our joint (with Napier) Waste Management and Minimisation Plan we received over 6,500 submissions which told us clearly that we need to reduce the waste we send to landfill.

We currently send over 90,000 tonnes of waste to Omarunui Landfill each year. Around a third of this comes from our kerbside collections. A survey of our solid waste in 2019 showed that over 60% of our rubbish bin content could instead be composted or recycled.

We look forward to working with our community to help empower residents to cut down on what they put in their rubbish bins. We are asking you to make landfill your last choice.

An important part of this will be removing green waste from our rubbish bins and getting it composted. We are working with local providers to help residents understand the alternative options already available to them.

Moving forward we’ll be looking at how we can provide an incentive and reward residents who only generate small volumes of waste. This could be in the way of a rebate or some form of pay per lift.

We do understand that one solution may not fit everyone and these changes could provide challenges for some people. In the run-up to the new service we will be out and about with the new trucks. We look forward to speaking to as many people as possible in person and answering your questions about the new service and how you can make landfill your last choice.


Service roll out

Who is getting a Council-supplied wheelie bin and recycling crates?

Every home in the urban area that is on the current Council rubbish and recycling collection route will receive a 120L wheelie bin for general rubbish and three 45L crates for recycling. Rural residents typically dispose of their rubbish and recycling through the use of private contractors, the transfer stations and recycling drop-off facilities.


Is there a limit on how many bins and crates are supplied to each property?

There will be a limit of one 120L wheelie bin for rubbish and three 45L recycling crates per rateable unit. If you have more rubbish or recycling you will need to take it to Henderson Road Transfer Station or one of our recycling drop off centres. You also have the option to use a private collector for additional rubbish bins.


When will collection of the new containers start?

  • Collection of the Council-supplied recycling containers starts from May 1, 2020.
  • Collection of the Council-supplied wheelie bins starts from July 1, 2020.


How will Council be distributing the new wheelie bins and recycling crates?

Council will begin delivering recycling crates to residences from mid-March, and wheelie bins from mid-May.


Can I opt out of the service?

This service cannot be opted out of.


How will I know when delivery is due for my area?

The delivery schedule will be available on our (HDC) website and will be publicised through our (HDC) social media channels and community newspapers.


Will I have the same collection day?

It is likely recycling collection days will stay the same, with rubbish collected the following day, however in some areas this may change. Please check the sticker on your new crates and bin for your confirmed collection day. You can also check collection days for your address on our (HDC) website following the launch of the new service.


Will I get a discount if I don’t use the services weekly?

In the future we hope to be able to move to a system which will incentivise and reward those that create less waste. Initially we need to gather data to be able to work out the funding mechanisms for this system. Only placing your crates or bins out if they are full will help us scale the service to match demand. The RFID tags on the wheelie bins will enable us to collect the data required for the design of this system.


What size wheelie bin is it?

Council wants to ensure that all residents have the ability to get rid of their general rubbish and the results from our SWAP survey indicated that a 120 litre bin, with no recycling or garden waste in, will be suitable for almost all households. We want to stress that 120 Litre is a maximum, not a target, and the aim is to avoid filling it as much as possible. Council will closely monitor the rubbish collection volumes and is actively investigating whether it is possible to provide a system that will reward/incentivise those who only put their bin out once a fortnight or less.

What will be allowed in the Council rubbish wheelie bins?

All household rubbish that cannot be placed in your recycling crates.  Please note this EXCLUDES the following items:
  • Garden waste
  • Hot ashes
  • Batteries
  • Hazardous waste
  • Medical waste

Why won’t you be accepting green waste in the wheelie bins?

Our landfill is filling up and almost half of the waste going into the landfill is organic waste. In addition to taking up valuable space, when mixed in with other waste and compacted to the point where no oxygen can get to it, it cannot break down properly and rots very slowly. This creates methane gas and leachate that contribute to climate change and threatens the environment.


Will Council be providing green waste bins?

Council will not be providing a green waste collection service, however we encourage residents to consider using a private collection service.


Will Council be providing bins for food waste?

Council is not providing a collection service, however we are investigating subsidies for compost bins, worm farms and bokashi bins.  These are all good options for disposing of your food waste at home. Alternatively you may choose to use a private green waste/food waste collection service.


What if I do not need my wheelie bin collected every week?

Council want to encourage less waste and will be investigating a number of initiatives to reduce the cost for those that waste less, such as rates rebates. For us to work this out we need to gather data on how regularly bins are put out. To help with this please only put out your bin when it’s full or needs emptying.


I have a private wheelie bin provider; what shall I do?

Decisions on private collection services are up to the individual residents. Private operators are aware of the changes to the service and will be able to provide options for you going forward. As the Council-provided bins are for general waste only you may wish to ask your provider to change this to a green waste bin.  If you already have a green waste collection service, you may wish to continue this with your private provider.


What if I don’t want a wheelie bin?

All properties within the collection zones that are rated for the rubbish and recycling kerbside collection service will be delivered a bin.  There is no opting out of the service. The bins will be linked to the property and will need to be handed over to any future owners.


Will the official orange bags still be collected?

Orange bags will not be collected after the July 1, 2020. After this date, orange bags can be disposed of for free at the Henderson Road Refuse Transfer Station.