HDC Kerbside recycling collection suspended

A big focus for Hastings District Council this week is putting systems in place to ensure our essential services continue during the COVID-19 Level 4 isolation period, and beyond.

The management of waste and its collection is one such service that we recognise is important for our community, and council is asking for your help to manage this in the weeks ahead.

To protect public health, council’s priority is to continue existing kerbside collections of general rubbish – people are asked to have their orange bags out by 7.30am on their collection day. We will, however, be suspending recycling kerbside collection from today. Whilst recycling is an important service, it’s not the highest priority at this time. We will continue to monitor the situation, but in the meantime ask people to help us out and store their recycling at home, if it is safe and won’t create a sanitation issue, until we can resume this service. If this is not possible, please dispose of your recycling in your general waste orange bags or wheelie bin to be collected kerbside. During the Level 4 isolation period the council will be look at initiatives that could be implemented after the lockdown to effectively enable the safe collection of recycled materials that households have stored.

Given the focus is on essential services at this time, the delivery of new recycling crates will also be suspended until further notice. People with private wheelie bins are asked to contact their private provider if they wish to confirm collection - waste collection is an essential service and each of the providers providing these services will have worked through their own assessment and management of staff safety. The recycling stations, including the six rural sites, are closed, and people are asked to please not drop off recycling at these locations. The Henderson Road and Black Bridge transfer stations are closed to the public but open to commercial users (account holders) from Thursday, March 26.

Existing rural orange bag drop-offs will continue at Henderson Rd and Black Bridge transfer stations.

As all council facilities are closed, people wanting to purchase the orange bags need to get them from the supermarket – some supermarkets store them behind the counter if they can’t be found in the shelves.

Council chief executive Nigel Bickle says the community’s co-operation given the current challenges is appreciated.

“If residents can do their bit and store their recycling it will really help our staff and contractors provide the best possible service we can, and give them extra protection.

“We are all in this together and by doing everything we can to protect the safety of our staff and contractors the better off we will be in four weeks’ time.”