Conservation Week 2021

Conservation Week dates for this year are 4–12 September 2021 and everyone is encouraged to see nature through new eyes and enjoy a fresh perspective on nature and boost your wellbeing by immersing yourself in your surrounding local green spaces, parks and bush walks wherever you can.

Conservation Week – Its history.

Conservation Week was originally launched in 1969 by the New Zealand Scout Association, with the goal to promote greater interest in the environment and encourage people to take practical actions to look after it.

The Nature Conservation Council then had a turn at running the campaign, while other organisations like the Post Office Savings Bank, Caltex Oil NZ, and The Todd Foundation came to the party with educational resources.

When the Department of Conservation was formed in 1987 it took over the Conservation Week duties, and has since worked with other groups, businesses, councils and agencies to make it all happen.

Nature needs us.

New Zealand’s wildlife is still in crisis with more than 4,000 of our native animals and plants threatened or at risk. Conservation Week is a chance to bring everyone together to do something, big or small to create change.

Every year Conservation Week sees thousands of New Zealanders getting involved through doing conservation activities at home or attending one of many events hosted across the country. Creating change can be big or small, when we pull together, we can make a big difference.

How to get involved.

You can make a difference starting in your own backyard! We have a list of fun, family-friendly conservation activities available to get involved at home. There are also events organised across the country, providing opportunities to join in, get active and show your love for our nature.

If you are part of a community group, council, business, or any organisation that wants to do their bit for nature, think about running your own event or activity for Conservation Week. Our Department of Conservation (DoC) has ideas and resources available to help you out.

If you’re unable to do an activity or attend an event for Conservation Week, you could also consider donating to one of our many conservation partners.