July is still a great time to be planting winter vegetables including leafy greens, onions and brassicas. In the fruit garden it's all about planting new season fruit trees and the Kiwi favourite of strawberries. Garlic is also planted this month.. Lily bulbs need to be planted now too, remember to provide good drainage (such as sand) at the base of the bulb when planting. To liven up your garden, add some beautiful winter blooms and add companion planting to your vegetable garden.

Check which winter greens are suitable to plant in your region, along with tasty herbs for a flavour punch to all your winter meals. It's also time to start thinking about potatoes and which varieties you'll be planting in the coming months. 

Mid-winter showcases a number of flowering shrubs that offer respite from the cold. Many fragrant flowers like Daphne, viburnum, winter sweet and witch hazel are in bloom this month. Plant up pots, containers and hanging baskets with potted colour to brighten up the garden.

In the fruit garden it is all about planting new season fruit trees, strawberries, harvesting citrus and pruning.

July and August are the traditional months for pruning many plants such as roses, apples, pears and other deciduous varieties. Don't forget to book your greenwaste pick up if you are on a casual pickup, otherwise just put your bin out on your normal collection day. 

Harvest time is from seedling planting to harvest. For seeds, depending on variety, it will take an extra 6-8 weeks from germination to planting. Reference: Many thanks to Tui Garden Products.