The BioRich Story

BioRich Limited is an organic waste recycling company whose main activity is capturing organic material, that would otherwise be wasted or cause pollution, and turning it into rich compost.

All greenwaste collected by Bay Environmental Bins from your property is recycled at The BioRich plant in Awatoto, Napier ready to be returned as the perfect compost for your garden.

What a Waste
Every year throughout New Zealand many thousands of tonnes of organic waste is dumped into landfills what is inappropriately discharged a land. Once dumped, much of the green wase material breaks down in an uncontrolled manner and releases methane greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and pollutants into our waterways. Methane is estimated to be 25 times more damaging to the ozone than carbon dioxide. Meanwhile most of New Zealand’s cultivated soils have been steadily deteriorating. This is due to both to a decline in soil organic matter and a depletion of minerals and nutrients.

The BioRich mission

BioRich diverts organic matter carbon from ending up in places where it can do a lot of harm – in our atmosphere and in our water - and putting it somewhere it can do a lot more good i.e. in our soils.

Bio rich compost
The compost is made from a mixture of animal manures, fish waste, paunch waste from abattoirs, waste from food and pet food manufacturers, fruit waste from pack houses and grape waste from wineries. No human waste is included

Bulking materials such as back, sawdust, and shredded municipal green waste is added to the mix to create the optimum carbon to neutral to nitrogen ratio.  This also helps the compost to decompose aerobically.  

The bio rich composting process
The combined mix is then put into aeration bins so that it receives ample oxygen and is maintained at the correct temperature. After 10 to 14 days in the bins, the compost is placed in wind rows and turned as required for the next three to nine months.

From here it is screened and stored for sale. By rich can alter its mix or add amendments to meet particular needs of clients.

By rich produces its compost according to the standards of BioGro NZ

Source: BioRich New Zealand